crystal singing bowl

One of the most effective ways of transmuting our own energies, consciousness, and life conditions (physical or spiritual) is through the use of sounds and tones.


I enjoy working with crystal singing bowls because they are so compatible with the various forms of energy healing i use such as reiki, quantum numerical codes and raw crystals. i feel that they have the ablity to work through any language barriers or blockages people may have when they are working with talk therapy or intuitive readings. one must trust that the energy knows where to go to help heal and transmute anything unwanted in one’s light or physical bodies. 

"The musical tones of the bowls are rich in harmonics. Where their intense, pure tone impinges upon the ear, it generates

new vibrations and tones within the ear itself. These new, supplemental tones are called aural harmonics. We hear frequencies that do not exist in the original sound because the ear and the human body is a complex transducer. This same process occurs when we open up and heighten our own spiritual vibrations. As we work to develop one gift, we find that other gifts open themselves to work for us as well. These are our spiritual harmonics. This is why the crystal bowls are such a dynamic tool to use in the unfoldment process."  ~Ted Andrews